What's it going to cost?

True consumption based pricing - only pay for what you use. No licenses, no minimums.
1000 events + 3 streams free, every month!
HighCohesion pricing is made up of two things: Streams (the connection between two systems) and Events (the data that runs along a stream e.g. a new customer order is a single event).

Our zero minimum price means you could stream 300 orders to your warehouse, 300 shipments back from your warehouse and 300 product updates, every month totally without cost!

The pricing calculator below allows you to estimate the total monthly price for a typical e-commerce setup:

〰️ Stream 1: Orders from your e-commerce store to a warehouse

〰️ Stream 2: Shipments from your warehouse to your e-commerce store

〰️ Stream 3: Stock from your warehouse to your e-commerce store

〰️ Stream 4: Products from your e-commerce store to a warehouse

Available streams

Pricing calculator

Is HighCohesion right for you?

We’re here to help like-minded businesses. We think integrations are an untapped revenue source for many ecommerce software companies. Our platform provides an easy way to realise this potential.

We are right for you if...

  • You provide software to fast-growing ecommerce brands
  • Your software is usually connected to other applications as part of implementation
  • The integration process is normally long and painful
  • Your product has an external API

Maybe not right if..

  • You’re aimed at Enterprise Ecommerce brands (£100m+ annual revenue)
  • Your software isn’t often connected multiple products in a stack
  • Setup time is hours/days rather than weeks/months
  • No API (though we can manage other interfaces)

Own, understand and customise your workflow

By connecting your application to HighCohesion you will:

Control Integration

Using HighCohesion you can deliver integrations directly to your user - with no third-party dependencies.

Expert Training

You’ll receive hands-on training and coaching on how to own integration end-to-end.

Expert Assistance

We know how to develop great integration teams, let us help you build one of your own.

All Tools

Integration to the most popular ecommerce tools - like Shopify, Peoplevox and many more


Automated data flows and customisation functions.

Realtime Alerts

Real time alerts when issues need attention.

Modify & Resend

Modify and resend data straight from the HighCohesion control panel.

Metered Billing

Zero CAPEX and only pay only for what is used.