Built for ecommerce developers

HighCohesion provides flexibility & customisation as standard.

Watch our intro video to learn about how we enable limitless, event-based data streaming and how the basic building blocks of our system come together to give you the full operational picture.

Automation tools, built for developers.


Event-based data streaming means goodbye to big batch files and the headaches they cause.

Error alerting

Out-of-the-box error alerts and reports means you’re first to know about a problem.

Build your own

Use our ready-made connections and functions or build your own using our SDK.


Our web-app Control Panel means you can setup and monitor solutions right away.

Own, understand and customise your entire automation workflow

We enable limitless, event-based data streaming between two or more platforms.


Responsible for accessing and pulling data from the Source System. The Source could be triggered either manually, based on a schedule or based on specific web events


When the Source is triggered, a Job is created. The Job will create one or multiple Events. An Event is a specific data type, for example the order data for a specific order.


The Event will then be transformed and any additional business logic added to fit the data structure and requirements of the Destination System.


Lastly, the Destination, which is responsible for accessing and posting data to the Destination System, will post the Event data to the Destination System in the correct data format.
Good enough for this Italian design powerhouse
"HighCohesion enabled us to migrate quickly from Magento 1 to Shopify Plus, integrate with SAP ERP 6.0, and support our specific business requirements. With HighCohesion we feel comfortable that operational data ends up where it should when it should."
Pablo Daniel, Chief Digital Officer, Alessi