Tired of outdated stock data causing overselling?

Find out how high-growth ecommerce brands are creating great customer experiences by using HighCohesion to integrate Peoplevox with Shopify.
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For the needs of fast growing businesses like yours, we appreciate that Descartes Peoplevox and Shopify do not communicate with each other out of the box exactly how you want them to. Too many brands are stuck with incomplete communication between systems. It’s time to fix that.

Integrations can be donequicker, cheaper and better.

Join other brands that are integrating systems 60% quicker and at half the cost, now that they use HighCohesion

The old way

❌ Setup takes a long time and requirements are missed
❌ Data takes too long to send, which means disappointed customers from overselling
❌ No one knows something's wrong until it's too late
‍❌ Integrations break, especially at Peak
❌ There’s no visibility of data - an engineer is always required, even for the most basic problems

Our way

✅ Connect your Descartes Peoplevox and Shopify setups without code
✅ Automate data flows and customise functions to only get the data you want, when you want it
✅ Real time alerts when issues need your attention
✅ Peak demand handled out of the box
✅ Modify and resend data straight from the HighCohesion Control Panel
See how to
Send Shopify Orders to Peoplevox
See how to
Send Shopify orders to Peoplevox
See how to
Send Shopify orders to Peoplevox

How do I get live?

Get Peoplevox with Shopify connected in just 5 easy steps.
step 1
Attend a 15 min FREE consultation call with the HighCohesion integrations team. We'll complete a mini-discovery so we know what's standard about your setup and what might be a little funky.
step 2
You get access to HighCohesion and we help you design tests we'll use to check the final solution.
step 3
Our integrations team gets to work! Feeling geeky - read how we do it here.
step 4
Your solution is ready to test and we show you how, using your online HighCohesion. dashboard
step 5
You go-live and we support you for as long as you need.
Brands like yours are already getting these benefits:

Quick deployment

We’ve pre-built the most popular data flows between Descartes Peoplevox and Shopify so that you go live fast.

Control of your data

Step-by-step training videos and documentation enable you to build and support your own solutions (if you want to!).

Automation. Always.

Whether it's Black Friday or flash sales, your Descartes Peoplevox and Shopify setups work automatically. No matter the ask.

Trusted by these incredible brands

Ecommerce Platform Migration and ERP automation
Application of custom business logic to enable complex inventory needs
Migrated a single site to 5 new, automated multi-language sites
Powering 11 Shopify and 6 physical stores across Europe

How am I supported?

Empower yourself and tap into our network of experts. You'll never be alone.
How to support yourself using HighCohesion?

- Get real-time alerts of failed data straight to your email or Slack channel
- Resend failed data directly from your online HighCohesion dashboard
- Create and Modify integrations without needing a developer

How to use a trusted HighCohesion Partner?

- Our community of Partners is ever-growing and includes some of the best SaaS companies, ecommerce and web dev agencies in the business
- These Partner's use HighCohesion for their integration solutions and are well versed in running comprehensive support desks

Use Us!

- Our customers success means the world to us and we provide everything from great documentation to bespoke training sessions
- Our Support Desk is here to answer any questions you might have about the platform, from how to setup a new user, to questions about your billing
- Visit our docs here.

What's it going to cost?

True consumption based pricing - only pay for what you use. No licenses, no minimums.
1000 Events + 3 Streams free, every month!
HighCohesion pricing is made up of two things: Streams (the connection between two systems) and Events (the data that runs along a stream e.g. a new customer order is a single event).

Our zero minimum price means you could stream 300 orders to your warehouse, 300 shipments back from your warehouse and 300 product updates, every month totally without cost!

The pricing calculator below allows you to estimate the total monthly price for a typical e-commerce setup: Orders, Shipments, Stock, Products.
For a Peoplevox with Shopify integration, there are 4 Streams:

〰️ Stream 1: Orders from Shopify to Peoplevox

〰️ Stream 2: Shipments from Peoplevox to Shopify

〰️ Stream 3: Stock from Peoplevox to Shopify

〰️ Stream 4: Products from Shopify to Peoplevox

Available streams

Pricing calculator

What’s the Next Step?

Let's jump on a quick, FREE, consultation call so we can understand your business and start designing your solution. Find a time below.

In this call, we'll...

🎯 Understand your current setup

🎯 Work out if a standard setup is for you, or you need a little extra help

🎯 Lock in the next steps to get your solution live!